We get a lot of questions regarding the property.  Here is a list of questions (along with the answers) to our most frequently asked about items.  If you have additional questions not found here, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask away! 

What items are provided at Sugar Beach?

A.   Is there a TV available?  

YES, we have one small TV.  Sorry, but the ocean views beat out the TV every time!  We do have DIRECT TV  service for the television.

B. Is there wireless internet available?

YES, WIFI through the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (not sure how fast).  SORRY IT IS THE ISLANDS!

C.  Do you have a telephone?  

YES, we have a  phone at the house and it is available to use for emergencies. 

D. Do cell phones work there?  

YES – pretty much all major United States carriers, although you may have to pay for roaming.  

E.  Do you have a kitchen?

YES.  We have several kitchens and places for you to prep and store food.  One full kitchen in the Main House, one full kitchen in the "Chat N Chill"  Cook House , a small kitchen in the guest house, and one bar in the Kasarina Guest House. 

F.  Do you have anything to play music there?  

​YES.  We have a music system that is wired throughout much of the house.  Yes, all can use.  CD’s are available, but we suggest you bring your own.  Sorry, but the system does not currently accept ipods or any other MP3 devices.

G.  What sort of equipment is available at Sugar Beach Villa?  

We have beach chairs and an umbrella located on the boat.

H.  Do you have a coffee maker, coffee grinder and a blender?

YES to all!


What Services can you get at Sugar Beach Villa?

A.   Is there a boat available to rent?

YES, our caretaker has a boat available to rent.  Boat is available to rent for $200 per day, plus $200 per day for boat captain, plus  $100 gas. ($500 per day) NO, the boat is not available to rent without the captain. (no matter how much boating experience you may have, SORRY)

B. Do you provide a ride to and from Sugar Beach Villa?
YES, Our caretaker Linton will come and get you at the airport.  There is a $80 charge to pick up, and a $80 charge to drop you off at the airport.

C. Can we get food at the Villa?
YES, please email us with your needs and we can pre-stock the refrigerators with food and beverages.   We charge a $100 - 200 service fee plus the cost of the groceries to do this.

D. Can you provide babysitting services? 
YES , babysitting charges are $20 per hour.

E.  Do you provide housekeeping services?
YES.  We actually require you have at least 4 -7 days per week of housekeeping services depending on the size of your party.  However, if you desire additional cleaning services, please let us know and we will be glad to set that up for you.  Cleaning services are available for $140 per day.

F.  Do you have anyone to cook for us?
​YES.  We have staff that can come and cook for you.  They know the basics and are great at cooking up all the local flavor.  One of the best experiences at Sugar Beach is to go out on the boat and bring back lobster, conch, and fish for the staff to prepare for you!  Dinner for up to 12 people is $250 plus cost of groceries. 

G.  Who is available to answer questions or address our needs if any should arrise? 
We have our caretaker Linton, and our housekeeper Glo who are available to answer your questions.  Our renters all tell us how much they love and appreciate the help and tips Linton and Glo were able to provide them.  Please use them as your guides to get the most out of your Stay!

H.  How do we pay for additional services?  
We ask that you pay for the required days of maid service as part of your deposit and payment of the villa.  However, all other additional services can be paid directly to our staff.  You can pay as you go, or pay in one lump sum at the end of your stay.  What ever is most convenient for you.  Of course if you would like to pre-pay for services, we will accommodate that as well.


I.  Do we tip the staff, if so what amount?

We by no means require you to tip the staff.  But, if you are pleased with the services rendered, the staff would very much appreciate it.  On average our renters have left between 5-10% of the stay or service rendered.  


What other information should I know?

Like many locations, and all over the Bahamas, we do have no-seums (very tiny mosquito like bugs). They come out at dusk and linger till dawn.  We suggest you bring lightweight long sleeve shirts and pants for the evening if you plan to sit outdoors.  You can also bring bug repellant if desired, but most find it not necessary.  If you stay in the breeze and wear clothing that covers your skin, most people have no issue whatsoever.   We also advise keeping any windows and doors that don't have screens closed so they don't get into the house.  

We have 2 very adorable and very friendly dogs that live on the property.  They belong to us and are taken care of by our staff.  They shouldn't get in your way and if anything will only make your stay more fun!


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