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Leaf Cay and Sandy Cay — are a 30 min boat ride from Sugar Beach, these are some of the best beaches in the world.  There are several smaller beaches and cays located 15-20 minute boat ride from Sugar Beach Villa offering secluded escapes.  You are almost assured complete seclusion, and miles of knee-deep azure water that is sheltered from the wind. It's a perfect place for kids or for a romantic lazy day. Visit the iguanas on Sandy Cay and walk for miles on the sandy shore.

Pigeon Cay — 5-minute boat ride from Sugar Beach Villa. Great sheltered beach for a windy day. Two sheltered coves with shallow waters, wonderful shell hunting and snorkeling. Lots of bird watching and small lizards to entertain and delight!

Mariah Cay — 15 minute boat ride from Sugar Beach Villa. There are miles of sandy shallow beaches, each cove more beautiful than the next. Completely sheltered from the wind and very secluded. Enjoy dramatic sight seeing on your journey. Great beach, amazing views, great swimming.

Tropic of Cancer Beach — Recognized as one of the top 10 beaches in the World,  is a 10 min walk from Sugar Beach offering over 2 miles of the most beautiful sandy beach.  Great for joggers or walkers. 

Kim can offer rides to and from Tropic of Cancer Beach.



Boat Rental — A trip to Little Exuma is not complete without experiencing its charm by boat. Shallow waters, unbelievable snorkeling and fishing make this outing a must. Exuma boasts numerous secluded islands where you can enjoy its beauty and never see another person.  Please ask us about renting our boat for full day tours to Staniel Cay or local island hopping to Hoopers Bay to swim with the turtles and a must visit to Chat N' Chill on Stocking Island.


Right off Sugar Beach Villa is snorkeling on the reef towards the east side of the bay.
Snorkeling and fishing can be arranged with Kim to search the hundreds of coral reefs for fish, conch, lobster and grouper.
Spot turtles, shark, porpoise, rays, not to mention an assortment of tropical island fish.   There are many secret spots to find conch so make sure you make time to explore when you're on the boat.   These will be unforgettable days touring the north and south side of Little Exuma above the water and below!

Deep Sea Fishing — 2 miles off the shore from Sugar Beach Villa enjoy miles of fishing on the reef wall for wahoo, king mackerel, mahi mahi, and barracuda - all delectable eating!

Visit Williamstown, Little Exuma — The home of Mom's Bakery, Santana's Grill Pit, the local church, the elementary school, goats, cats, dogs and chickens. See the old Williamstown monument which was used to guide ships and fishermen to the ancient salt flats.

Bone fishing — Exuma is famous for its extensive flats, which holds the sands of bonefish.   We can arrange a guide to take you to the best fishing areas on the island.  Please inquire about our boat rental and Boat Captain!


The Straw Market — Open most days. Local-made crafts, t-shirts, bags, hats, etc. Shop and chat under the town's umbrella tree in the heart of Georgetown, Exuma.

Sandpiper — Art, clothes, crafts, best selection on the island.

Sugar Beach Villa Beach Areas:

On the western point of Sugar Beach, under the Kasarina trees, are lounge chairs and hammock to laze away a few minutes to a few hours.  Listen to the sound of the breeze through the trees and waves crashing on the shore. 

Along the oceanfront we offer two decks overlooking the ocean, The deck and beach area directly in front of house.  Whether you choose the shade of the palapa or sunbath, your eyes your eyes will scan the azure sea. 

Kayaks, (2 double and 2 singles) are offered to explore the estuary to the east of the property.  Paddle to Tropic of Cancer Beach and visit the coral islands a short paddle to the west of the property.


Main House Top Deck — Enjoy sunrise and coffee on the upper deck. Beautiful vistas, shade by mid-day, sunset cocktails. There is a blue tooth Denon Stereo system and IPad to play your party music lists . 

Tip: Important to stay in the breeze to reduce chance of a visit from the no see-ums and mosquitos, especially around sunset on days of little or no breeze. For those especially prone to getting bit, we suggest long pants and long sleeves. The locals suggest a layer of coconut oil on arms, legs and neck to stop the little buggers from biting.​​


Exuma, Bahamas Services:

Exuma Markets — The only real market on the island. Suggested that you stop by on your way to Sugar Beach Villa or email us a shopping list so we can purchase prior to your arrival. Service fee of $100 - $200 depending on size of grocery list will be added if you would like our manager Kim to shop for you ahead of time.

Liquor Store — John Marshall and 242 Liquor are next to Exuma Market and offer a good selection of most brands and local brew.  The Bahamian Rum and Kalik Beer are the local favorites.  And of course everyone must have at least one Goombay Smash during the stay.


Santana's Grill Pit and Tropic Breeze - offers real local flavor from some of our favorites are ribs, conch, chicken and grouper fingers and crack lobster. Both offer seating outside near the ocean.  Great places to chat with the locals and watch the waves roll in and have your Goombay Smash.

Mom's Bakery — nothing could be better than a hug from Mom and fresh bread or cakes. The best in the Bahamas!
Coconut bread, White bread, Wheat bread, Raisin bread, Donuts, Pound Cake, Coconut turnovers, Cake upon request

Tip: Request bread in advance and order before your arrival.

Georgetown, Bahamas — Great Exuma:

Cheetah's — popular island fare, local flavor. On main road.

Chappy's - located at the George Town marina and offers atmosphere over looking the water and excellent offering of sushi.

Peace & Plenty — open breakfast, lunch and dinner. Popular island fare. On water.

Augusta Bay -  Extensive menu, call for reservations. On water. Tropical feel.

Fish Fry — open lunches and dinners. Friday nights are the local favorites. Small shack houses with island cooking. — very local, very fun.

Local Entertainment and Dancing:

Nigel's Rake and Scrape Band offer amazing local entertainment.  Special requests to play at Sugar Beach can be arranged with Kim.

Please remember that the Bahamas are not the Bahamas without polarized sunglasses such as Revo or Maui Jims!

If there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please let us know.


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